Our pool of skilled developers is capable of building news apps for both Android and iOS platforms which is in-sync with the requirements of your brand

With news apps, media businesses can get a great marketing channel which offers a lot of possibilities for engagement and monetisation. With access to a wide range of tools and technologies we create customised applications which are powerful, scalable and platform agnostic.

We develop applications for improved user experience – supported by slideshows, video, audio and web links; for Social media integration and for users to share what they like.

We help in developing a strategy to place ads in a meaningful and effective way by using native advertising where ads look like part of an app’s content offering a smoother reading experience and stimulating people to pay attention to advertisements.

We offer apps with uncluttered & attractive UI, aesthetic design with a minimalist approach; offline reading, content sharing and push notifications. We also develop apps with separate paid premium content and virtual reality