As the very foundations of journalism are being redefined, we offer technology which is ceaselessly shaping the future of news consumption with every new innovation

The rise of digital media has completely changed the concept of journalism as a large number of users consider digital and social media to be their primary source of news and information.

We offer solutions for digital media from training web-journalists to setting up a digital studio in newsroom for superlative quality of news videos.

We have helped several media houses across countries enhance their video capabilities by setting up VR studios; identifying fresh talent; organising training workshops for journalists and by providing audience engagement strategy and metrics.

AMD conducts on the job and impromptu workshops with an endeavour to familiarise and ingrain best digital/mobile video practices and industry trends to the digital video production team. We also assist in setting up infrastructure and train web producers in creating not only news videos but also produce quality videos on food, fitness, travel, lifestyle, entertainment elections and personal technology