The AMD team of visual journalists have the capability to build a newspaper which is better and engaging for readers. We also train the newsroom to produce better results

Newspapers and Magazines are not frequently revamped and re-designed. These are forms that establish habits, have strong connects with readers across ages with their layout which cannot be changed overnight. However, technological advances have made the process of print production simple and efficient. Design processes are changing and can bring in systems that save time and reduce excessive human intervention.

Our team of designers have vast experience across design platforms such as Adobe InDesign, Quark, Photoshop, CorelDraw and Poser to deliver excellent design solutions to publishers. We help to refine workflow through on-site and offsite support for smooth futuristic design process flow. We have worked with newspapers, magazines, media syndication departments, global corporations and state tourism departments among others,

Team AMD has been part of several design projects including the redesign of the newspaper with the highest circulation in several languages and countries across the globe