AMD offers consultancy for restructuring ‘integrated newsroom’ to use content on multiple channels by integrating news flow across print, television and digital media

Future newsrooms will be driven by immediacy, more reader driven, more productive and more accountable. The newsroom will use data and analytics to determine what reporters should focus on.

Today, more and more, editorial departments consider digital channels as important, if not more than print or television medium. Several print players offer audio and video stories on their websites or via social media and push interactive services such as blogs and discussion forums. These changes and diversification of product offering and services inevitably have an impact on workflows, roles and structures in an editorial department.

The goal of structural changes in the newsroom is to enable the editors to work more closely with the reporters. In “integrated newsroom” there is no “us” and “them” between the different channels (print, TV, digital). The story owner decides what aspect of a story is told on which channel with a certain format